become team coach

To become
a high performing
team coach

By relying on a network, a method and proven learning workshops

For who

Any professional who wants to help teams perform better by relying on a network, a method and tools. They are trained in our methods and can then, much more effectively, support organizations towards higher performance team by team.


You are a coach, consultant, facilitator. You train with us in our method. And you support your own clients by relying on the network, our method, our tools and our premium learning workshops. Your profile is visible on the D+HINKING website.

Your organization

You want to support your teams. Contact us or contact one of the team coaches in the D+HINKING network directly. We can train internal coaches and they use our method with “Training-as-a-Service” or we provide support made up of team and individual coaches experienced in a digital, sustainable CSR or cultural transformation program.

Higher education

We place a special emphasis on supporting students. Part of our common future is at stake here. The focus of higher education is often on the provision of content and, increasingly, they are integrating the development of soft skills into their curriculum. These team coaches support teams of students around innovation projects using human-centered approaches. In this context, they help teams develop their collaborative skills.